June 1, 2007

Dear JVP Stucco,
I enthusiastically submitted this correspondence in support of JVP Stucco and its owner John A. Van Paepegham, Jr. I initially telephoned John upon a reference I received concerning a problem with my chimney at my residence. John came highly recommended from an expert in the roofing industry.

When John visted my home I immediately felt comfortable with him and he explained the problems I had with my chimney in layman's terms and in a manner that I fully understood. He further inspected my entire stone and stucco home and did not attempt to sell me anything that I did not need.

Like most consumers, I did receive other bids for the work I needed performed, I, however did not have the same level of comfort with the other contractors that I had with John. He was simple the "can't miss" candidate.

Now that the work is done I am completely satisfied.  The professionalism and expertise exhibited by John and his staff lead me to unhesitatingly recommend him for your service needs.


Salvador, Columbus, OH


May 5, 2009


I want to thank you for the fine stucco replacement job that you and your company did on the front of my home this spring. You were extremely communicative and kept me up-to-date on your schedule. Your work area was always left clean at the end of the day, which was amazing because your work included removing all of the existing stucco and going through all of the necessary steps to re-stucco the entire wall. And the replaced stucco matches perfectly with the existing stucco on my home. There are absolutely no signs that a whole new stucco job was done.

I had a total of four estimates from different companies, including JVP Stucco. Your estimate was considerable higher than the others, which did concern me. However, I felt you were the most knowledgeable about what had to be done in order to do the job correctly. In this case, as in many cases, I believe you get what you pay for. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the quality, completeness and perfection in your work. I would not hesitate to rehire you for similar work or to recommend you to another homeowner.

My wife and I are extremely appreciative of the work and effort you afforded us on this project!! Thank you!!


Terry, Westerville, OH


September 20, 2007

Dear Mr. Van Paepeghem,

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you" is a polite comment at the end of most business deals. In my case, it is heartfelt and truly applicable. From my initial contact with you, I felt that you were prepared to give me quality repairs on my delaminated exterior stucco.

Additionally, I felt that you sensed my pride in our beautiful, upscale ranch and were eager to contribute to maintaining its appearance.

I cannot offer enough praise for the splendid workmen you assigned to work at my site. They are polite, serious craftsmen who go about their work in earnest, and are careful to leave each day with their work area tidy. Please convey my praise to Larry and the rest of your crew, also.


Lawrence, Gahanna, OH 

April 17, 2008

Dear Mr. Van Paepeghem,

I'm sorry I've been so long in contacting you since we've been back from our vacation. As you know, one thing or another comes up and gets distracted in the day to day mundane tasks of living. However, I cannot let myself be so remiss that I forget to write and thank you for the wonderful job you and your crew did for us on repairing my home this winter. After several years of trying I had pretty much given up finding someone to take care of the "whole package" caused by the water damage. Not only did you restore my home but, also restored my confidence in finding a quality contractor to take care of my most prized possession.

Your crew did such an exceptional job of restoration as well as cooperating with the window people. Along with everything else they also took great care not to disturb my landscaping, cleaned up after themselves and afterwards finished it off with fresh mulch in the flower bed. What a thoughtful extra touch! After all this time, I am now once again proud to show off my home with it's beautiful stone and stucco facade which, I feel, is its best feature.

Again, my husband and I thank you for the great job and know that we would be pleased to recommend you and your company's services.


Paul & Vicki, Lewis Center, OH


April 25, 2007

Dear John,

Let us just say it has been a pleasure working with you throughout this project. From the first time we contacted you until the work was complete you and your staff have been true professionals.

We had several other companies that we considered but none were as responsive and as considerate as you. We are very glad we chose JVP Stucco for our stonework. We have had several people comment on what a beautiful job you have done while others have stopped and written your phone number down off of the sign in our yard.

Thank you for a job well done. We have no problem being a reference for you. Please thank your staff for us.


Russ and Carrie, Stonework on Glenworth CT, OH 

Dear John,

This letter is to thank you for all your help.

To begin with, I thought it was very considerate of you to come out initially on the spur of the moment to give me a written estimate for the stucco repair so that I could close on my refinancing. After that, when I called you while the men I had contracted to actually put the door and window in were there, you came out once again to make sure they were "roughing it in" properly so that you could repair the stucco to make it look right. After you tried to get these contractors to do their job right so you could in turn do yours right (which they failed to do) you ended up doing both jobs to make the stucco (and the window) look good and something a homeowner would be proud of.

Once again, I thank you because it is hard to find a contractor who takes pride in their work and value the customer's opinion as much as you do.


Sandra, Columbus, OH


July 16, 1994

Dear John,

I wanted to thank you very much for the great job you did on my home.

When I was looking for someone to do my house, I had many estimates, as I told you, you were the highest, but something told me to go with you and your Company. A decision that was well worth the extra money.

Larry, Steve and Chris were very polite and hard working. They were always concerned about doing the best job for me. I certainly appreciate that!

John, as you know, I recently lost my husband. Everyone advised me to be aware of people trying to take advantage of women, especially in the home fix it field. You were very fair and up front with me coming to my home and making sure I was happy with your work.

Thank you,

Mrs. B. Burton, OH 

August 11, 2003

Dear John,

We wanted to thank you and your crew for a fabulous stucco and stone job on our parents new home. Never, during the entire process of building this residence, did we experience such dedication, professionalism and expertise.

Your crew worked tirelessly and for many long days as they battled the weather and the havoc it wreaked on their ability to execute flawlessly. The extra time spent matching the stone, protecting the job from mud and generally making sure that the flashings and caulking were complete and sufficient to withstand the years ahead was outstanding.

We also appreciated the manners and thoughtfulness of your staff during the weeks they were on the job. They were courteous, respectful of our parents when they visited the site and strove to keep the site orderly (especially important since the site is right next door to our residence!). We have never witnessed a Company crew that worked 12 hour days and weekends to keep a schedule like your Team.

While we hope we don't have to build another home anytime soon, if we found ourselves in that position we would call you first. Additionally, we would be most happy for you to bring a prospective client or builder by us anytime.

Once again, Thank you for your most pleasant experience!


Robert and Martha, Westerville, OH




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